Rapeseed oil

  • High-quality rapeseed oil from Kröpfel, quality from Austria
  • From sustainable agriculture, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids
  • Particularly mild in taste, perfect for frying and baking
  • The tinted glass bottle protects the vitamins and fatty acids
  • Vegan, vegetarian, 100% cold-pressed rapeseed oil

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Why is rapeseed oil actually so healthy? A look at the composition of rapeseed oil explains this peculiarity:

Rapeseed oil: healthy, mild and versatile
The golden yellow to light yellow color of rapeseed oil is reminiscent of finely shimmering gold. Rapeseed oil is rich in valuable components that can be healthy for the human cardiovascular system. With its mild aroma, rapeseed oil enriches the human organism in a particularly tasty way.Rapeseed oil is rich in healthy fatty acidsWhyis rapeseed oil actually so healthy? A look at the composition of rapeseed oil explains this peculiarity. Like other fats, the yellow vegetable oil consists of various fatty acids. These are divided into saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Compared to saturated fatty acids, unsaturated omega-9 fatty acids have an extremely positive effect on cholesterol levels and can protect against arteriosclerosis.
In addition, some unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, are particularly important for the human body as it cannot produce them itself.


Rapeseed oil is an all-rounder. It is used in the cold kitchen for salads, marinades, pesto and dressings. Rapeseed oil can be heated to high temperatures and is ideal for frying and baking.

Kitchen tips:

  • Rapeseed oil in the hot kitchen
    A juicy steak, a fine soup or Asian vegetables from the wok. Mild rapeseed oil is wonderful for frying, marinating meat and refining. Rapeseed oil that has not been cold-pressed is suitable for hot dishes. Rapeseed oil varieties that do not have the words “cold-pressed” on the label are generally suitable for hot cooking and can be heated to high temperatures.

    If you want to refine hot dishes with rapeseed oil just before serving, you can use cold-pressed products. These oils taste more intense and have a light to strong nutty aroma, wonderful for drizzling over soups and pizza!


  • Rapeseed oil in the cold kitchen
    A cold classic that cannot do without vegetable oil is mayonnaise. Rapeseed oil is ideal for preparing homemade mayonnaise because of its mild taste. Also for mild salad dressings, tartars and carpaccio, which should bring out the flavor of the ingredients and not mask it.

    Would you like to try a pesto with other herbs? Then rapeseed oil is just what you need! Intense herbs such as coriander and marjoram need a more restrained oil – rapeseed oil makes great pesto variations. A change of oil is also worthwhile for olive oil classics such as tomato mozzarella and bruschetta, because depending on the type of rapeseed oil, cheese, vegetables and herbs are shown to even greater advantage or are deliciously complemented by a nutty note. Also great as a starter: place a pretty bowl of cold-pressed rapeseed oil on the dining table in which you can dip bread.
    In cold dishes, you can use a very mild rapeseed oil or a more intense cold-pressed rapeseed oil, depending on your taste preferences.


  • Rapeseed oil for baking
    Mild rapeseed oil can also be used wonderfully for baking cakes, pastries and pizza. There are battered doughs that are prepared with oil. Many muffin recipes contain oil. Another classic batter is quark and oil batter, which can be made sweet or savory. Rapeseed oils that can be heated to a high temperature and are particularly mild should be used here, i.e. not cold-pressed varieties. For baking recipes that have “oil” or “neutral oil” in the list of ingredients, you can then use rapeseed oil without further ado.

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