Linseed oil

  • High-quality linseed oil from Kröpfel, quality from Austria
  • From sustainable agriculture
  • Particularly intense nutty taste
  • The tinted glass bottle protects the vitamins and fatty acids
  • Vegan, 100% cold-pressed linseed oil

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How healthy is linseed oil?
When it comes to “good” and healthy fats, linseed oil is the lone leader: it contains more of the triple unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid than almost any other vegetable oil.

Linseed oil, the liquid gold
It looks like liquid gold, flows thickly from the spoon and tastes intensely nutty and hearty. In the past, the high-quality fat produced from the seeds of the flax plant could be found in every kitchen. Our ancestors valued linseed oil as an inexpensive and nutritious food.

The healthy oil

When it comes to good and healthy fats, linseed oil is at the top of the list: it contains more of the triple unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid than almost any other vegetable oil. Depending on the origin of the plant, cold-pressed linseed oil contains up to 70 % of it. It contains more omega-3 fatty acid than rapeseed oil (approx. 9 %) or salmon (approx. 4 %). This is so important because numerous scientific studies confirm that alpha-linolenic acid can inhibit inflammation, promote blood clotting and dilate blood vessels. It regulates blood pressure and blood lipids and thus has a preventive effect against thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes. Researchers also found that the alpha-linolenic acid from linseed oil is incorporated into the cell membranes and is partly converted into other important omega-3 fatty acids.


Not everyone likes the typical, intensely nutty taste of linseed oil, which is somewhat reminiscent of hay. However, if you don’t want to do without the healthy oil, you can mix it with a more neutral-tasting oil.

Kitchen tips:

Preparation tips for linseed oil

Preparation: If you don’t know it yet, you should definitely try the classic “potato with sour cream and linseed oil”!

It not only tastes delicious, but is also particularly healthy, as the positive health effects of linseed oil are even greater when combined with vegetable protein. If you like the taste of linseed oil, you can also use it pure or mixed with neutral vegetable oil for salad dressings or pesto. You should never heat linseed oil; it is therefore unsuitable for frying and cooking. However, refining ready-cooked dishes such as soups or vegetables with 1-2 teaspoons of linseed oil is no problem and gives even simple dishes that “certain something extra”.

– Anti-inflammatory
– Promote blood clotting and dilate the blood vessels
– regulates blood pressure and blood lipids and thus prevents thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes.
– Alleviate depression or anxiety

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